tnMUD is MUD (Multi User Dungeon) server written in C++. It uses libXML2 for handling data files. Its leightweight core can by easily extened by modules, which are loadable/unloadable at runtime. The tnMUD project aims to create a fast and well-featured MUD server.
You can also visit project's page at
Maybe you're asking why we're writing new MUD server, when there is a lot of others. Well, when I started MUDding, I want to make my own MUD. I try MUDOS with Lima mudlib and also some DIKU-based codebases, but it was too difficult to make it work. I didn't know where to start (especially with LP), so I decided to write new server which satisfy all my demands:
If you have any question, please contact us. We'll try to answer it as soon as possible.


The latest version is 0.5.1. You can download it here. For a list of changes since the older version, refer to the changelog files included in the tarball.
You can also download tnMUD through the anonymous CVS server. Please visit project's CVS page and read instructions.
Side note by Nepos: if you think that English on this site looks a bit weird, well, I haven't written it ;)


Trekie: trekie <at> users <dot> sourceforge <dot> net
Nepos: nepos <at> atlas <dot> sk